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    Appointment management in the fast lane

    Mark Demicoli  1 February 2010 09:48:27 PM
    Well, here we are well into the beginning of 2010, can you believe it?  According to Arthur C. Clarke (2001), we were supposed to be running around in space eating faux caviar about 9 years ago.  Unfortunately, most of us are still here on mother earth cutting hair, analysing peoples heads, training dogs, writing amazing online booking systems (!)  and every other service under the sun.

    That's exactly why here at ClickBook, we're not building space capsules, but the most advanced online booking system in the world, Mars and even Jupiter (feel free to dispute that in the comments).

    As you may have noticed if you are a regular user, we've been quietly introducing new features to make appointment management a little easier.

    The Status box (normally the green "Confirmed" box) is now a context-sensitive entry-point to important tools available for that appointment (sorry about the geek-speak). Wherever you see the appointment status, you can click and perform key functions.  These include:

    - Re-assigning appointments or TimeBlocks to other staff or resources
    - Copying TimeBlocks to other staff or resources
    - Cancelling appointments
    - Updating custom statuses

    Have we missed anything important? Let us know!

    Image:Appointment management in the fast lane