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Staff, TimeSlots and the latest Update.

Mark Demicoli  29 March 2011 12:06:13 PM
Previously, ClickBook only allowed company-wide settings for the Appointment Start Interval and Custom Start Times.

In this update, we show you how you can now set different intervals and custom-start-times  for different staff members.

This new feature makes it far more practical to set up staff members who have specific needs and service length.

By default, all staff members inherit these settings from the main account.  To customise these settings for a particular staff member:

1.  Visit the Staff tab (as the Main Contact) and select the required staff member.
2.  Expand the Appointment Start Times or Custom Start Times section depending on your requirements, and change settings appropriately.

Don't forget to click Save Updates when you're done.


1Shahram Boroumand  17/07/11 1:40:04 AM  Staff interval time

Well, I am not the only one with this problem. I have been writing Mark for the past month and not receiving any suggestion or as when he will fix this problem.

2Laurence Jones  14/07/11 8:45:06 PM  Staff - Default

I have an online English and Russian teaching school.

My Russian staff are unable to set a timezone. They are automatically given my Timezone.

Can a fix be made to allow them to choose their own timezones?

3Marty Ryan  23/04/11 6:46:34 AM  Untitled

Something happened in the last 24 hours so that custom start times are not defaulting or trumping or overriding the set interval time settings in the FREE subscription service. Did this function get eliminated?

4Marty Ryan  23/04/11 6:44:21 AM  Custom start times are not trumping 15 minute intervals

5Susan Derry  30/03/11 1:53:30 PM  Staff, Timeslots and latest Update

I have tried setting the custom start times for one staff member (and I did push save), but the company wide start times are still the only ones that show up.