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In a perfect world... Two-way sync with calendars

Mark Demicoli  8 July 2011 12:13:44 PM
Synchronisation between Google Calendar and ClickBook can now be achieved two-way, instead of just one-way as was the case previously.  Full explanation, instructions and caveats (I'm afraid)  are provided in the Subscription section of your Preferences.

With this feature enabled ClickBook periodically checks your personal calendar in Google and creates 'not-available' TimeBlocks so that your ClickBook availability is constantly up-to-date.

While on the subject, I'd like to re-iterate that synchronisation with Google Calendar is partially out of our control, since the frequency that Google updates Google Calendar subscriptions is a little random and undocumented.  But we trust Google, right?  The point is that you should always use ClickBook as your authoritative schedule, either by logging in or the Daily Forward Schedule email.

When entering your private Google Calendar address, use the Private XML feed shown in the image below.  To get to this page,  sign-in to Google Calendar then click on Settings under My Calendars.  A list of your calendars will be displayed.  Click on the appropriate calendar link to open the settings page.

Image:In a perfect world...  Two-way sync with calendars

1Minal Patel  19/03/16 2:27:30 AM  Calendar Synch

I've spent ages setting up this account only to find out that the two-way synch with Google Calendar doesn't work. As other have said, Google doesn't support XMA anymore. When will there be a fix for this?

2Amy Louise Hislop  28/01/16 10:24:30 PM  XML No Longer Supported by Google

Mark, How do we sync if XML is no longer supported by Google? Best Regards, Amy

3Kathy Poplawski  31/12/15 10:52:01 AM  XML is no longer being supported by Google

XML is no longer being supported by Google as of Nov, so is there an alternative?

4Phil Gunney  24/11/15 7:08:41 PM  2 way sync

Google calendars now only list private iCal not xml

How can I sync calendars if the there's no xml link

5Colin Reith  28/09/15 1:59:51 PM  Google calendar & Clickbook won’t sync

I've tried followed every instruction to sync Clickbook and Google calendar on my Mac without success. The Timeblock sync with Google calendar would be so useful. Can you help?

6Diane Dawson  24/05/14 2:24:12 AM  I can’t find the private xml code

I am trying to find the private xml address of a calendar set up using google apps. It only shows the public xml and not the private.

7Kate Serra  23/05/13 3:56:25 AM  Syncing with Google Calendar

I'm getting Clickbook set up for a client and am running into trouble getting his calendar synced. He's got appointments on his Google Calendar that aren't pulling over onto his Clickbook schedule. How do I go about fixing this?



8Laurence Jones  19/07/11 4:51:10 AM  Fixed

Thanks for the tweak both versions - the password protected and the other both work fine in Lightning ..

The program gets better all the time !!

9Laurence Jones  14/07/11 8:35:45 PM  Lightning -Calendar Synch

May I compliment you - I run an online English teaching service and booking with Clickbook is so easy, but I need a monthly calendar printout showing all my appointments not just the clickbook schedule. I therefore use Mozilla Lightning and tried to subscribe.

I keep getting an error - unable to read file

Warning: There has been an error reading data for calendar: EnglishDom. Error code: CAL_UTF8_DECODING_FAILED. Description: An error occured while decoding an iCalendar (ics) file as UTF-8. Check that the file, including symbols and accented letters, is encoded using the UTF-8 character encoding.

I can't view the .ics file to see if I can find the problem. Can you help?