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    Performance improvements and big new feature this month

    Mark Demicoli  12 August 2010 09:31:44 PM
    A special callout to Texans this month, as we have just brought online new servers in that big old bastion of independence!  We hope you've noticed the improvement in the speed of ClickBook thanks to our friends over there at On the front line (ie. you) we know how important it is that ClickBook 'just works', and works fast.   It is our sincere aim to maintain a high level of responsiveness and reliability.  This is our pledge, and we hope that you savage us if we lower the new standard.

    Also coming this month, and you *certainly* asked for it, is online client payments, direct to your PayPal account.  If you don't have one already, we highly recommend that you get yourself an account with - the world's premier online payment system.  PayPal is a great payment tool that lets your clients pay for their appointments online.  We're confident that you're going to love how ClickBook works with PayPal!

    Stay tuned for more announcements this week.


    1Headline  26/07/14 1:57:00 PM  Support

    Can we please get some official word of what is happening at ClickBook and whether we can be assured of an ongoing service?

    2Reno Demicoli  18/10/10 8:08:12 PM  Translating Clickbook

    I would love to translate clickbook into Maltese.

    Please contact me if interested.

    Keep up the great work

    3Susan Brown  15/08/10 6:47:40 AM  Pay Pal

    How will I know when a client has paid on Pay Pal? Or would it be best to just let them do it after the session? The only problem I would encounter is my Comcast High Speed internet would be down, so they be forced to pay later, when they arrive at home, from their computer.


    Susan Brown LMT

    4Karey Kumli  14/08/10 5:17:19 AM  Zzzzooom!

    So happy the site will go faster! I've taken to multitasking while waiting for Clickbook to respond to my entries.

    Clients do love the reminders. Thanks for being my buddy.

    5Virtuous Hands  14/08/10 3:48:27 AM  Wonderful

    I really enjoy using Clickbook.... and is very thankful. Great job! Adding Paypal will be absolutly marvelous.

    6Heidi Perry  13/08/10 11:18:54 PM  Australia loves clickbook!

    Thanks Clickbook - everything you're doing is great! I can't thank you guys enough for such a great tool. I am a sole trader and the time it takes to send out reminders etc would eat away at my business - so thanks again we love clickbook (I tell everyone I know about it!). Re Paypal - probably something I wouldn't use at the moment - but I think it's a great option!! Regards, Heidi From Brisbane Australia

    7  13/08/10 1:30:12 PM  Untitled

    8Mark Demicoli  13/08/10 6:44:00 AM  RESPONSES

    @1: You don't need your own website, but you will need a PayPal account. Check out

    @7: PayPal will be totally optional and can be used for some services and not others. Would really like to hear your perspective on PayPal Steve!

    I'll be blogging in detail about how to set it up in the next few days...

    9Cathy Walton  13/08/10 6:11:03 AM  Paypal

    My customers will be pleased. Thank you! We are very happy with clickbook and all that can be done.

    10Steve Shergold  13/08/10 5:40:36 AM  disable paypal

    I hope that the paypal feature is an option that can be disabled, we hate it!! We do all our cc processing directly from our website already and would prefer an integration with that gateway.

    11Suzy Carroll  13/08/10 3:10:06 AM  YES!

    I'm really looking forward to linking clickbook with PayPal! Yes! : ) Thank you for all the hard work and everything you peeps at clickbook do for us. : )

    12Michaele Maurer  13/08/10 2:46:42 AM  For Kandy Kiger

    Kandy, you don't need a website to set up a PayPal account - just a Visa Card, MasterCard or Discover Card - or even an ATM card with a Visa or MasterCard sticker on it. In other words, proof that you have a bank account. Just use your business bank account info and you can have a PayPal account in minutes.

    13Nikki Antwine  13/08/10 12:58:10 AM  finally satisfied

    im so glad the texts are working clients love those. I'm sure the paypal link is gonna be great as well:-)

    14Tanya Flores  13/08/10 12:15:20 AM  EXCELLENT

    Thank you for adding online payment! This is wonderful for us. We can have new clients pay upfront to cut down on no-shows or clients pay for friends/family before they come in.

    15G Antonio Jimenez  12/08/10 11:54:52 PM  Clickbook just keeps getting better and better!

    This service is already amazing and it's getting better and better! Thank you.

    16Kandy Kiger  12/08/10 10:55:09 PM  how do we link paypal to clickbook?

    I don't have a web site other than clickbook. Do i need to build one to accept paypal?