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Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2003

Mark Demicoli  15 October 2010 12:35:46 PM

Microsoft Outlook 2003 does not directly support subscription to internet calendars such as ClickBook, however some very nice people have written a free tool for Windows which acts as an Outlook 2003 subscription service.

What this means is that Outlook 2003 users do not have to upgrade to Outlook 2007 or above if they are satisfied with what they have.

Just a small aside, Mozilla (the makers of the Firefox browser) now have a free competitor to Outlook called Sunbird.  It is not as feature packed as Outlook, but should be considered as an alternative for the money conscious.  You can try it out at the Mozilla website.

Important: These instructions are for Microsoft Outlook 2003 on Microsoft Windows only.

Step 1: Download and run the ICS40L installer from

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2003

Step 2: Copy your ClickBook subscription address

This is located in your Account tab if you are a Main Contact, or on the Preferences tab if you are a staff member.

Select the Non-password protected address, right-click and select Copy:

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2003

Step 3:  Load ICS40L from the Start menu

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2003

Step 4:  Paste your ClickBook subscription address into the first box, by right-clicking and selecting Paste.

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2003

At this point, you can click "Run Now" and see the new calendar appear in Outlook 2003, in the My Calendars panel:

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2003

It's probably a good idea to change the calendar name to something sensible, like "My ClickBook Appointments".

Step 5 (optional);  Set ICS40L to start automatically when you Windows starts up

a) Open the Control Panel and select Scheduled Tasks
b) Select Add New Task and click Next
c) Select ICS4OL from the Application list and click Next:

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2003

d) Select "When I log on" and click Next.

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2003

e) Finally, you may be asked for a user name and password.  This is the user name and password you use to log into Windows.


1Tami Backstrom  03/03/11 9:55:32 AM  PLease respond to my messages I have sent

PLEASE!!! Does Clickbook have a friggin phone#? HELP!!!!!

2Laryssa Becker  21/10/10 3:09:57 PM  Not quite working...

We have linked our clickbook and outlook but it's not quite working right... the notice email we just received was for Wed 27 but the appointment was for the 26th? Also the appointment is not showing up on the outlook calendar or the clickbook one. Is there something we are doing wrong? Let me know


-we are using 2003 so thanks for the post!