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    The leaner, cleaner Client List.

    Mark Demicoli  23 March 2011 05:05:46 PM
    After the last major update to the Booking Form, we fielded many complaints about the performance of the Client search, especially on handheld devices like the iPhone.  (No we are still not officially supporting any handheld devices, however many users report that ClickBook works fine on the more recent iPhone and Android-based models).

    Well, we've basically re-written the way it works and should (theoretically) receive less complaints and more applause!  The new version, instead of downloading ALL of your clients (when you sign-in and every time there is an update), does a real-time search in the background and reports the closest matches.

    Image:The leaner, cleaner Client List.

    If you don't like the new Client List, you can easily switch back to the old one.  So, what do you think?

    1Leslie Berry LMP  26/03/11 1:12:43 PM  Works great!

    I have a MyTouch 4G, and Clickbook is clear and easy to use on my model. Keep it up!!


    Leslie Berry, LMP

    2Rachel Ah Kit  24/03/11 12:39:43 PM  Much easier

    ....cleaner and it works fine on my Samsung GalaxyS Android device too.

    3Heather  24/03/11 11:30:47 AM  Untitled

    style-y! I like it! Better flow, thank you!!

    4Admin User  24/03/11 1:52:44 AM  Untitled

    Much better especially on my Droid

    5Robin Shope  24/03/11 1:33:28 AM  Untitled

    Ahha!! It is now working like a dream on my Android!! Guess I just needed a bit more patience. Thank you Clickbook!!!!

    6Robin Shope  24/03/11 1:25:43 AM  Untitled

    Works fine on my pc but is not working at all on my android! :(

    7Sherry Nichols  24/03/11 1:06:20 AM  Client Search

    I like it! I use my iPad almost exclusively to manage my business and this is a nice improvement.

    8Exie Buehler  24/03/11 12:59:17 AM  Untitled

    Site works fine on my Android device. One of the reasons I switched from BlackBerry to Android was so I could keep up with my Clickbook site while on the road.

    9Sheryl Jones  23/03/11 11:58:12 PM  Untitled

    It is fine.

    10Alba Turner  23/03/11 8:27:28 PM  Improved client serch

    I'll take the new & improved model everytime. Thanks heaps Alba