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Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2010

Mark Demicoli  25 October 2010 01:06:22 PM
Subscribing with Outlook 2010 requires certain steps.  Please follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Copy your ClickBook subscription address

This is located in your Account tab if you are a Main Contact, or on the Preferences tab if you are a staff member.

Select the Non-password protected address, right-click and select Copy:

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2010

Step 2: Select the Account Settings button from the File Menu, in the Info section.

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2010

Step 3: From the Account Settings dialog box, select the Internet Calendars tab, click New and paste your calendar address into the box.   Press Add.

Image:Subscribing to ClickBook with Outlook 2010

You will be asked to enter a Folder Name.  Change the folder name to "ClickBook - [your name]" and press OK.  You should in a few moments see your new ClickBook calendar appear in Outlook.


1Justine Robinson  30/10/10 4:46:05 AM  Synching Clickbook with Outlook, then Outlook with Google Calenders...


So here's my story~

I had a Blackberry 8330 that synched well with Outlook. That was one of the original reasons I started with Clickbook- because I could import my Clickbook Calendar to Outlook (at that time I used 2002/3) and from outlook import it to my blackberry with no issues.

At some point, Clickbook upgraded the software to only synch with a newer version of outlook (which I didn't want to pay for an upgrade!)

I finally broke down and bought an upgrade (which was a HASSLE to install on an old OP system) and figured out how to get the Clickbook calendar to synch with the new outlook 2010 program I purchased. (before the help was posted on the blog...which was again a hassle!)

Soon after~ I decided to also upgrade my phone from a BB to a Droid X Thinking I would be able to still utelize my newly purchased Outlook 2010 to synch my phone's calendar with.


Being a google powered phone, it does not synch with outlook directly. grr...

SO~ I decided to try and figure out if there was a way to circumvent this snaffu by using a third party synching feature. There is not.

After much researching, I found you can synch outlook with google calendars, Yay! Or so I thought...

(by this point you must be screaming "just synch clickbook with your google calendar and bypass outlook all together!!" you wouldn't be saying that if you had just paid 75+ LOTS of time for the new outlook 2010... I promise you.)

Google only synchs with outlook's primary calendar (which clickbook is not.)

After much too much time and effort, I have finally figured out (I THINK!!!) that in order to A.) synch clickbook with my Android phone, B.) Utelize this outlook program i just paid for, and C.) have everything run smoothly... I must do what you screamed at me to do...

Synch Clickbook with Google, then Google will import into Outlook.. And all will be right with the world. .. Finally.

I wanted to post this so that if there is anyone else out there that was trying to do the same thing as I~ They wouldn't have to spend QUITE so much time doing so.