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    SMS dramas resolved, new features for April

    Mark Demicoli  31 March 2010 08:08:55 PM
    We are pleased to announce that normal SMS reminder & notification function are now fully restored for North American customers, and normal SMS accounting has been reinstated on these accounts.

    From the feedback we've received, the SMS functions are perhaps the most important from a customer perspective, and we are taking steps to prevent such an outage, as explained in the last blog post.

    We're also pleased to announce that many new enhancements are coming in the month of April.

    These include:

    * Service Providers will be able to make appointments with each other
    * Normal 'customer' accounts will be able to upgrade to Service Provider accounts, while maintaining all of their current personal appointments
    * Cancellation of appointments will include a 'comments' box so that a reason or comment can be entered.
    * "Last Client Note" and any notes marked "important" will appear automatically on the final booking screen when service providers enter new appointments, giving a 'heads up' of what happened at the last session.
    * Printing of schedules will be enhanced

    Happy Easter, and stay tuned!


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    2Jill Yzaguirre  10/08/10 7:07:23 AM  Not getting SMS reminders

    I haven't been getting SMS reminders on my phone since June. This is very upsetting. I purchased credits in May and still have plenty of credits left. However, when staff input my appointments I don't get the reminder on my phone so they have to manually text me each appointment. I really rely on this service and have contacted support on this matter more than once but I haven't heard back from them. There should be a number for Clickbook users to reach support. Someone please respond.

    3Jeanette Falu-Bishop  01/08/10 4:34:32 AM  Thank you!

    Clickbook, I am so very thankful of the service that you offer. I have had some minor questions but they have been answered. Thanks again.

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    5Breanna Iwaszko  03/05/10 8:39:36 AM  Cancellation notes summary

    The new feature "cancellation comments" is a really useful way of logging statistics regarding cancellations.

    Is there a way to get a summary of the cancelled appointments on a weekly or monthly basis?

    This would be more useful across 'the practice' rather then just for individual clients - and would show trends assisting better practice planning.

    As always, loving clickbook!

    6Janet Taylor  19/04/10 9:22:52 PM  Unable to add staff -

    Anyone HELP i am trying to add staff from my clinic and each time i submit completed details the staff page comes back with a blank telephone number. i have tried variations on format ie 61299773646, 0299773646, 99773646 and even used my home number and a mobile number - all come backwith Telephone blank after submit button is pressed and no new resource is added!!!!!!!


    This means we cannot promote other services and therefore not promote the clickbook site or buy more credits for our confirmations. I have been using system on my own for last 2 weeks and its great but have3 others joining my clinic so any Help - PLEASE RESPOND with suggestions on how to fix this - Thanks

    7Nikki Antwine  13/04/10 2:16:32 AM  Not Pleased

    I am STILL not getting my reminder texts....I have asked my clients if they are getting theirs some say they are and some say they're not. I am still not getting mines to my mobile device and this is a very important factor to me. When my clients make new appointments right now if I don't go check my email don't know that have clients. NOT GOOD.......

    8Kate Weymouth  02/04/10 1:16:55 PM  Clickbook home page for new users

    Hi Mark

    had a new user pass on some feedback the other day. When she opened up the page she (maybe a bit silly of her....) went straight to the "user sign in" which is at the top of the page on the right hand side instead of looking further down at the "new user" heading and following the instructions. She got bamboozled because of where it took her which she said was to the clickbook home page for the providors. She found it a bit flustery and when I looked I wondered if maybe it would make more sense to have the new user heading above the sign in heading for existing users.

    Also any progress on the deveopment of being able to show on the calendar with a red x or something those days at a glance that are fully booked out?

    Thanks Mark loving clickbook as it's really proving an asset with the "want it yesterday" demagraphic and more and more of my client base are routinely using it.

    Regards Kate.

    9Vonna Posey  01/04/10 5:28:36 AM  Reviews

    Before I found clickbook, I had used another online booking company. One of the feature they had, was the ability for my clients to leave a "review".

    It would be so great, if clickbook offered a similar feature. Prospective clients could then read the reviews of others who've gone before them.

    Clickbooks in all other ways is superior to the other company. It's just this feature that I'd really like you to consider adding to your already great site.


    Vonna Posey, LMP

    10Susan Brown  01/04/10 4:29:16 AM  Great Job

    So needed. My clients depend on the text. They are very busy. A text coming in 24 or 2 hours ahead for massage makes a difference. We, the clients and I are so grateful for your patience.

    Susan Brown LMT

    11Leslie Berry LMP  01/04/10 4:04:20 AM  Thank you!

    I am so pleased with Clickbook and all its features. It is so easy to use and great for my clients with busy schedules!! Please don't go away!!


    Leslie Berry, LMP


    12Serenity Salon and Spa  01/04/10 12:05:08 AM  Thank You !!

    Thank you for all your hard work...Clickbook is a great tool....


    13Ms Ali  31/03/10 10:29:56 PM  SMS Restored

    Greetings all we are please to here the SMS are being fully restored as this is truly a Godsend in the communications world. Thanks so much for our new features they can only enhance what we already have in a treasure.

    Love and Happiness!

    Naturally Healthy Hair Inc.