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In a world thirsty for convenience and immediacy, ClickBook is the solution that fully automates the menial tasks associated with managing customer appointments, and increases customer engagement through real-time, self-service booking and automated text and email reminders.

For vertical service industries and Local Business Directories, ClickBook and it's comprehensive API is the proven choice for providing customers with real-time Availability views and instant, confirmed appointment booking.

Often mistakenly compared with calendar software such as Google Calendar, ClickBook does away with the traditional calendar interface in favour of a unique interactive agenda and appointment sheet familiar to service businesses, then automates the entire customer-facing process of scheduling appointments, faithfully performing the critical function of virtual secretary.

Since ClickBook was launched in 2007, thousands of small businesses and government units have professionalised their appointment booking procedure and have realised the immesurable competitive benefits that ClickBook brings.

By blending unparalled flexibility with simple design, ClickBook fits perfectly into an extremely broad spectrum of businesses including salons, home services, sports facilities, schools & universities, government services and the vast plethora of wellness professionals involved in the provision of appointment-based services. ™ is a privately held enterprise.

SOAP Web Service API V1.3

The SOAP WebService API provides partners with comprehensive access to the ClickBook engine for custom user interfaces and bespoke integration.

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