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Clickbook is the BEST online scheduling system I have found. It has ease of use and very affordable. Pay pal is integrated with the site so clients can schedule and pay for treatments online. Did I mention AFFORDABLE? Clickbook has helped grow my business with in the last 5 years. Thank you to the team!!!

Patricia Carter

Clickbook...Is my lifesaver and my personal cyber-receptionist! <3 <3 Clickbook.! My business would not have grown with out it! My clients love the ease and convenience provided with this online booking system and so do I!

Liz Majeski

I've been using ClickBook since June of last year, and I LOVE IT! I'm just one person, so I can't answer the phone to book appointments while I'm in Session. The "Book Now" widget allows my Patrons to easily see my availability and book their own appointments right from my website. Now if they'll just sync with Quickbooks Online it would be a Dream Come True.

Sophia Shekinah

Clickbook is a huge blessing for my business, 2 years ago I moved interstate and I am still able to run my Melbourne based business with 10 therapists...need I say more?! The therapists all feel in control of their time and availability and so do the clients. I simply wouldn't have been able to keep my business of 10 years if Clickbook didn't exist.

Nicole Ferguson

This is by far the best booking system around, I have tried many but this is killer, and well priced, there are a few features that could make this the only booking system you would need for any business but I have suggested that already, great work guys.

David Winstone

I have been using Clickbook for over 2 years now. I am a sole practitioner, working from home without a receptionist. I am so grateful for this "virtual" receptionist that can book my patient appointments when I can't answer the phone. I also find the reminder service both to my patients and myself invaluable. Clickbook has also been very responsive to the needs of the businesses using it and they have come up with great ways to make the process easier and more efficient. A great company to deal with.

Wendy Presant-Jahn

I am a Nail Therapist and sole owner and provider of services for my business. I love it, my clients love it, and now I can access my schedule at home, or out and about on my phone. It's been a Godsend. Clickbook allows clients to schedule their own appointments any time day or night with ease. They receive email confirmations at least 24 hours before - which significantly cuts down on no-shows, and my calling to remind them of their appointment, which makes my life so much easier. I have recommended this, for other self owned businesses and highly recommend it to anyone who isn't using it yet. It is easy to set up. LOVE IT!

Norma Klein

I have been using CLICKBOOK since the early days of it's creation and have watched it grow and shape into what it is today. CLICKBOOK adds great value to my business with it's convenience of being able to access my apointments anywhere, my clients love it and find it easy to use, and ultimately it has saved me money in reception costs and significantly reduced 'no shows'. I know there are many other similar systems out there, but CLICKBOOK has met all my currect needs and has been 99% reliable. Thanks!

Louise Rubic

I've been using Clickbook for over 4 years and we love it (me & my clients). My clients love being able to plan & book appointments at night or when they are home during the day and the auto reminders are a godsend. I love being able to manage my diary from my iPhone calender using the simple 1 time sync and now auto-updates all new booking, changes etc with even having to go online - Love this feature. Importantly - anytime I've needed a helping hand - ClickBook has always come back to me quickly & we've always sorted things out easily. I am a BIG fan of Clickbook and have referred many of my peers to use it as well.

Janet Taylor

Amazing site and has become incredibly valuable for my business. I'm a sole proprietor and the ability to schedule online has done several things for me: Enabled me to cut down my communication to clients. No more trying to coordinate schedules or having to call someone back because 2 people want to schedule for the same time. Gives me instant credibility with new clients. You can imagine how impressive it is to tell someone "Just go to my website and book the time that works best". And since it links to my actual website the transition is seamless. Saves me money. The automated reminders have helped to eliminate the need to chase down clients to confirm appointments. What a great service. Thanks for everything!

Rick Ramos

Clickbook has become an indispensable tool in both customer service and marketing for my small business. As a solo practitioner, I appreciate being able to look "big," and have a professional online scheduling option for my clients. My clients are eager to use it, I love the reporting and integration with Google calendar, and I like the connection with my Facebook business pages. Mark Demicoli, the brains of the operation, is never more than an email away. Thank you, Clickbook, for providing the functionality I need to take care of appointment-setting, to free me to spend more quality time with clients!

MaryBeth Smith MM GCFP

ClickBook has been a great help to me as a busy small business owner. I am a psychotherapist who had often been overwhelmed by phone calls with both prospective and existing clients wanting to make appointments or confirmation of their appointments. I discovered ClickBook by accident and I can truly say that it's been a Godsend. Clickbook allows clients to schedule their own appointments any time day or night. They receive email or text confirmations at least 24 hours before - which significantly cuts down on no-shows. ClickBook is an excellent cyber-receptionist. I love the ease of use, and the quick response when there's been an issue or question. ClickBook Rocks!

Marco A Cuyar

Where do I start! I've been using Clickbook since 2009. Since then, it gets better and better. My clients love it, I love it, and now I can access my schedule at home, or out and about on the ipad, I love it even more! For my business, three tools have had a huge positive impact over the last 17 years. Clickbook, internet & mobile phones. In the past, prospective new clients who found my business through the internet, would simply move on to the next business if a phone was not answered until a phone was answered. Now, with Clickbook, they make a booking because they want immediate action and information.The Clickbook team never stops improving the product. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants their business to go in a positive direction.

Kate Weymouth

I've been using Clickbook for more then one year and I just love it. I was nervous at first as I thought I was giving total control to my clients. However Clickbook has given me more control and saves me time & energy. No more phone tag!!! No more dealing with demanding clients!!! I'm the type of person that cannot say "no" so would try to accommodate everyone's schedule. Now with this wonderful program my clients can see what's available and take it or leave it.. Another awesome feature is the client's tracking systems. I have insurance company calling me all the time wanting to confirm a client's appointment date and amount. With Clickbook it's so easy and convenient. I can be shopping at home etc and verify the information for them from my phone. Thank you Clickbook.

Marie-Anne Hisem

We do high volume clients that book and manage their own appointments... Without a doubt, Clickbook makes business possible! If I ever have a suggestion, Clickbook support has been accessible at least within a few days. A pretty amazing feat given how broadly Clickbook is utilized. know that my clientele appreciate Clickbook as much as I do because they can access their information 24/7 to make appointments or any necessary changes. Also, the utilization of Clickbook translates to more affordable pricing! I'm so grateful to Clickbook, because without such a service my life would be far more hectic and we wouldn't be able to service anywhere near the numbers that we do! AMAZING... LOVE IT.... THANK YOU CLICKBOOK!!!

Kristin Gundrum BS LAc

I have been actively using Clickbook for 5+ years. As the sole massage therapist and owner of my business, free time is very hard to come by. Before signing up for Clickbook, I studied other programs and what they had to offer... nothing compares to the value and customer service provided by Clickbook. It has become my "right hand" for booking and keeping up with my busy days. Not to mention how much my tech savvy (and not so tech savvy) clients enjoy the ability to book their own appointments online, receive email & text message confirmations & reminders. I get praise all the time for this, but the credit is due to the wonderful developers at Clickbook for giving businesses WHAT WE NEED to operate effectively and conveniently. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CLICKBOOK!

Renae Grimes-Avery

Clickbook has made a major difference in our regular work. Previously our customers used to book their appointments via emails and telephones, postpone them, cancel them all via these two communication channels, requiring a person to deal with every single query. Now, we almost forgot about this "secretarial" type of work and can spend more time dealing with other tasks, which are more important, such as helping vulnerable people, victims of crime etc. Once a month we update the information we have on Clickbook and all else sort of "just happens". Our clients turn up at the times convenient for them, we are always prepared for the right service they require and it works like a charm. In the event of unexpected absence from office, there are always other colleagues, who can manage appointments, or cancel them... great service.

Consular Section, British Embassy Bratislava

I looked at LOTS of online schedulers before deciding on ClickBook. What got me: Flexibility and options. 1. I am a solo practitioner yet work in two offices and see clients by video as well. So I needed a solution that allowed for scheduling at multiple locations. 2. I also needed a solution that allowed for custom time blocks to be scheduled vs. just the top of the hour. For example, I have hour appointments with 15 minutes between each one with a break during lunch in between. So my day is often scheduled like this: 8am, 9:15 am, 10:30 am, 11:45 am, 1:30 pm, 2:45 pm, 4 pm and 5:15 pm. 3. Price--one of the most affordable solutions with the most features. Rare, and much-appreciated, combo!

These features really sold me and have made it so that I spend less time following up to schedule with clients, which wasn't the best customer service, and was time-consuming for me. This works better for my clients and for me as well.

Plus, the mobile scheduler is really quite good now (would like to be able to block out unavailable times, too) and I use it a lot now, too.

So, thanks ClickBook for being a solution benefits my business without me having to think about scheduling much any more.

Jonathan Sherman

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