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ClickBook Secure Operating Environment

We have undertaken to provide extremely high levels of industry standard security to ensure that your information remains private and secure.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption

Connections to ClickBook servers are encrypted to prevent 'man in the middle' attacks from succeeding. Intercepted information is practically impossible to decipher thanks to this measure and our encryption key is issued by GeoTrust Corporation, a global leader in data encryption technologies. Click on the GeoTrust icon to verify the identity of this site.

1024 Bit dual-key cryptographic encryption of passwords

Passwords are stored on our servers in such a way as to make them impossible to read except to the ClickBook system itself. This means that even our staff are not able to access your passwords. This is a level of security that few websites are able to provide.

Internet Password Lockout (IPL)

ClickBook automatically locks accounts when a wrong password is entered several times. This measure prevemts 'brute force' attacks and 'guess' attempts from succeeding in compromising ClickBook accounts.

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