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Web Services 1.3

Schema: NewClientFile

Used for the creation of new Client Files by Service Provider staff and resources. Returns a new ClientFileID if successful in the INFO parameter. Can not be used to update existing details. Use BasicDetailsClientFile schema to update existing Client File details.


Allowed Actions:
Create Only


inp-firstname --- Y
inp-lastname --- Y
inp-telfixed --- N,Y
inp-telmobile --- N
inp-newemailaddress1 --- E
inp-newemailaddress2 --- E

Key to Schema Item Flags

Y - Mandatory
T - True/False value
M - Multiple Values (list of values can be posted)
O - List of static options to select from
N - Numeric field
D - Date Field
Z - Does not get stored
A - Text Area
P - Password field
E - Email Address field
X - TimeZone field
V - Visible (read only - used in special cases to indicate that an item should not be displayed in the UI).

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