The official weblog of ClickBook streamlines the process of appointment scheduling for small business, schools and other organisations. For technical updates please visit the Technical Blog. has new owners. Did you update your payments to the new owners yet?

    David Hablewitz  31 March 2021 05:05:22 PM has new owners.  We are Clickbook LLC.
    Have you cancelled your autopay to CLICK BOOKING SYSTEMS LTD yet?  

    If you are on a paid subscription and you haven't already cancelled your pre-approved payments to CLICK BOOKING SYSTEMS LTD, the former owner of, please do so immediately.  Instructions on how to do this are below.  We have no connection with that company and we have no way of refunding any payments you make to them.  If you have paid them, you will need to use the Dispute feature within PayPal so PayPal to try to recover your payment.

    The good news is that when you re-subscribe, we will give you a refund so you will get this month for FREE.

    We want your business and we want you to be happy with the service we provide.


    -The Clickbook Team

    Instructions to update your monthly subscription payment:

    1.  Login to ClickBook, navigate to your Account settings, open the Subscription section and click the Unsubscribe button.  This will downgrade your account to the FREE subscription and take you to your PayPal account to cancel the scheduled payment.

    2.  Confirm that it cancelled all pre-approved payments to CLICK BOOKING SYSTEMS LTD.  It will have 'ClickBook ClickBiz X' in the description.  If any scheduled payments to that account still exist, manually cancel them in PayPal.

        You can get directly to the screen to view pre-approved payments in PayPal at

    3.  Open the Pricing page in ClickBook  and re-subscribe to the level you need.  This will create a new pre-approved recurring payment in PayPal to Clickbook LLC.  In the process of setting up the new scheduled payments, it will also charge you again, but we will credit that back to your account promptly.

    That's it!  When you complete these steps, we will credit your payment back to you within 3 business days (typically it is credited within a few minutes), giving you up to a month free subscription.

    NOTE: If you already made your April payment to CLICK BOOKING SYSTEMS LTD, then in addition to the steps above, log into PayPal and dispute the payment you made to them so it can get credited back to your account.  

    Also, any duplicated charges that were paid to CLICK BOOKING SYSTEMS LTD should be disputed through PayPal so you can get repaid from them.
    Don't delay.  I believe disputes must be made within 6 months.

    Our PayPal account is Clickbook LLC. Going forward this is the one your payments should be going to.