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    Creating services with variable duration and / or pricing.

    Mark Demicoli  8 April 2014 07:52:27 PM
    Greetings ClickBookers.

    When creating a service in ClickBook, you will notice that the duration is a fixed number in minutes and the price is also fixed - it doesn't appear that we can create a service that has a variable duration or price.

    What we mean by "variable duration / price" is that a service can be extended in time, lets say from 30 minutes to 45 minutes or 60 minutes and the price increases accordingly.

    The way we do this in ClickBook is by combining services using the Addon feature.

    Lets do an example.

    We created a service called "Basic Consultation"  which is 30 minutes in length.  This ofcourse can be any existing service.

    We want to allow clients to extend the service by 15 and 30 minutes, for a maximum of 60 minutes.

    1.  Create two services called "Additional Time" and set the durations to 15 min and 30 min respectively.
    2.  For each of the new services, there are two key options that need to be set.  The first option tells ClickBook to present this service, "Additional Time" as an addon to other services, and ONLY as an addon to other services.  The Locations & Services section defaults to your currently selected location.  You can expand the scope of the Additional Time services to cover all locations, or narrow the scope to cover only certain services. (see screen shot below):

    Image:Creating services with variable duration and / or pricing.

    From the options displayed above, you can see how logical and flexible this feature is, as you can allow service extension on certain types of services and not others, and / or by location.

     Associating a price with "Additional Time" addons is automatically added to the main service price.  Therefore, the actual price changes appropriately aswell.

    Lets take a look how ClickBook displays the new addons:

    Standard Public Services Page / Booking Centre

    Image:Creating services with variable duration and / or pricing.
    ClickBook Mobile / Widget

    Image:Creating services with variable duration and / or pricing.

    Services in ClickBook are extremely flexible as we have just shown.  This example can be taken further.  Your "Additional Time" services can be further restricted to specific staff members and/or services & locations.  If you want additional control, you can even restrict "additional time" services to staff only.