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Upcoming changes to the Booking form

Mark Demicoli  12 January 2011 07:55:05 PM
The booking form used by staff  has been completely re-designed in response to a great deal of feedback from customers.   Expect to see the changed form this Friday afternoon (Aussie time), Saturday US time.

We decided to focus on this area because we see it as very important to 'get right' in light of the fact that it is the most used part of the system.  As well as being functional and quick, the booking form should be smart and provide important information instantly so that you can interact with the form and a customer standing in front of you, or on the phone, without long pauses!

Here's what we've done:

1.  Added the ability to enter customer address, time zone and date-of-birth as part of a new booking, without having to go to the Client File.
2.  Added the ability to update existing customer details while entering a new booking.  Updates to customer details are saved to the Client File when the booking is saved.  This feature should assist greatly in allowing you to check and update customer details on-the-fly.  For example, if you have a customer making a booking over the phone, or if they are physically present.
3.  Added the ability to change a registered customers' email address directly in the Client File, or on-the-fly while making a new booking.  When this happens, the customer receives a new invitation to confirm the new email address.
4.  Ability to quickly view the entire Client File without leaving the booking form.
5.  The "Full Name Search" has been revamped.  It is now a lot more effective and allows you to search on name or email address.
6.  The Daily Forward Schedule email now includes Notes related to each customer included in the email.  New preferences regarding this feature are available in the Preferences.

In addition, we are introducing an innovative new 'assistant' feature.  Your 'assistant' will tell you the last time a customer visited, and whether they already have a future appointment, plus, the assistant displays any Notes marked as "Important" as cute little sticky notes.  All this happens instantly when you select a customer as part of a new booking,

Stay tuned!