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Upcoming changes to the Booking form

Mark Demicoli  12 January 2011 07:55:05 PM
The booking form used by staff  has been completely re-designed in response to a great deal of feedback from customers.   Expect to see the changed form this Friday afternoon (Aussie time), Saturday US time.

We decided to focus on this area because we see it as very important to 'get right' in light of the fact that it is the most used part of the system.  As well as being functional and quick, the booking form should be smart and provide important information instantly so that you can interact with the form and a customer standing in front of you, or on the phone, without long pauses!

Here's what we've done:

1.  Added the ability to enter customer address, time zone and date-of-birth as part of a new booking, without having to go to the Client File.
2.  Added the ability to update existing customer details while entering a new booking.  Updates to customer details are saved to the Client File when the booking is saved.  This feature should assist greatly in allowing you to check and update customer details on-the-fly.  For example, if you have a customer making a booking over the phone, or if they are physically present.
3.  Added the ability to change a registered customers' email address directly in the Client File, or on-the-fly while making a new booking.  When this happens, the customer receives a new invitation to confirm the new email address.
4.  Ability to quickly view the entire Client File without leaving the booking form.
5.  The "Full Name Search" has been revamped.  It is now a lot more effective and allows you to search on name or email address.
6.  The Daily Forward Schedule email now includes Notes related to each customer included in the email.  New preferences regarding this feature are available in the Preferences.

In addition, we are introducing an innovative new 'assistant' feature.  Your 'assistant' will tell you the last time a customer visited, and whether they already have a future appointment, plus, the assistant displays any Notes marked as "Important" as cute little sticky notes.  All this happens instantly when you select a customer as part of a new booking,

Stay tuned!


1Heather Kroger  11/03/11 11:28:05 AM  For Breanna Iwaszko!!!

I saw your comment January 13 this year about syncing ClickBook with your iPhone! This is what I'm trying to do. Did you subscribe to ClickBook through your computer iCal first and then regularly sync your iPhone to keep so up to date? Or are you on the push with MobileMe creating the over-the-air syncing? And are you finding that you still have to enter through a browser to ClickBook for scheduling or are you finding your iphone calendar allowing two-way? So many questions! Hope you can answer them for me!

2Francesco  09/02/11 8:22:08 AM  trying out the program on a live site

are there any company web sites out there that I can browse in order to see a calendar in use?

3Sharon Hataway  08/02/11 3:06:55 PM  Untitled

How do I get a response from clickbook?? i have emailed several times but no response. I am not getting norification of new bookings made by clients or 24 hour reminders. Anyone else in the same boat?

4Kate Weymouth  04/02/11 11:06:10 AM  Mass sms’ing

Always on the improve aren't you Mark? Good for you! Anything in the pipeline that would enable to do a general sms message to your entire client base like clickatell without having to re-enter details into clickatell?

Thanks for your commitment keep up the great work!


5online booking software  03/02/11 11:59:22 AM  Untitled

I think the added/ modified features makes the lives of the users easy. Good work.

6Paul Chubbuck  25/01/11 4:26:28 AM  Editing email notifications

Is it possible to edit the email notifications. If so, where?

7Ros Betts  22/01/11 9:50:53 AM  Good work

Thanks for the work your team puts in to the continuing improvements. Although it's not completely intuitive to use, it isn't hard and I am finding the upgrade is good.


8Maria Palmer  22/01/11 8:36:37 AM  Untitled

I'm very new to this, great program, btw, thankyou! Do I have to add my availabilty every day or will it go by my general hours?

Also, how do I subscribe to the Google calendar for this? couldn't figure that out. And does it update automatically?

I am also interested in being able to schedule more than one service for a customer in one booking, if possible.

Thanks so much!

9Paul Chubbuck  22/01/11 6:05:16 AM  Changing email notifications

I cannot find a place to edit the email notifications. Surely that is possible, but where?

10Shahram Boroumand  20/01/11 7:09:12 AM  Repeat booking bug

Like Paul Chubbuck, I also have a problem with repeat booking. it always says that I'm not normally available at that time.

11Philip Miranda  20/01/11 12:25:57 AM  Android App


I love using Clickbooks and like some of the others here would love to be able to use it on my Android device a little more effectively.


12Paul Chubbuck  19/01/11 4:16:15 PM  Repeat bookings bug

I really like your repeat bookings feature, but in that section, if I click on "Availability", it always says that I'm not normally available at that time, even though I'm only booking at standard times on days when I AM available.

13Nigel Mitchell  19/01/11 7:33:10 AM  Time zones

I work with students and colleagues in other time zones all over the world. The most helpful thing clickbook could do for me would be to ensure that every communication included the time zone as well as the time. Getting an email about a lesson at 3.30 pm is no use to me until I know whether it is 3.30 pm in my time zone, the students' time zone or some other measure.

If it is too difficult to put everything in local time zones you could always use UTC.

14Lisa Kimber  18/01/11 6:12:27 AM  Multiple Bookings/Same Appointment

I have many clients that would like to be able to book more than one service for the same appointment time using the on-line booking without having to book each service individually. Is this something that they are currently able to do and I just don't know how or is this a feature that can be added?

Thanks for all the updates, they are very helpful!

15Mark Demicoli  17/01/11 9:06:39 PM  RESPONSES

@1: Recurring appointments re in the More Options section for standard appointments. For custom appointments you must create the first one, then go back into it to see the Repeat option.

@3: We've really avoided dealing with Billing features because it's a whole other kettle of fish. We hope to integrate with other services that specialise in this (eg QuickBooks), but this is a bit far out at the moment.

@5: Merging client fileS (automatic and manual) is a high priority. Expect to see an update in the next few months.

@8: A mobile optimised version is high on the cards but is actually a big undertaking. We expect to make an announcement within 6 months.

@11: re: Birthdays, you can export your Client Files (Account tab) every month and view upcoming birthdays in Excel or Open Office - then contact clients personally.

@13: You can export your client list via the Account tab.

@14: The feature has been reinstated. See the Other Options section when you create a standard appointment.

@16: We are currently looking at including the ability to add custom fields - stay tuned.

@17: The appointment status (eg CONFIRMED) is an active link and gives you all relevant options, including Cancel.

@19: Thanks Rachel!

@20 & 21: Problems saving appointments in some browsers (Internet Explorer mostly) should be resolved now.

@24: This is now fixed.

@29: Never use Beta programs unless you're a computer programmer testing the new version. Beta means it still probably has major problems. Software vendors often release early versions so the public can test them for free!

@30: To view your schedule in Monthly/yearly format, you can subscribe to your ClickBook schedule in a specialised calendar like Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook.

@34: We are looking at proving times in the Client's Time Zone at the moment. Please stay tuned.

16Jacqueline Allmond  17/01/11 7:09:32 AM  Untitled

Thank you clickbook for your No cost/ Low cost online appt book thank you for the up dates . the only problem I have is your program works a little slow so times

17Margaret Gill  16/01/11 3:03:01 PM  THANK-YOU!

Thank you so much for your efforts in making your product even better - much appreciated this end.

If I could put my hand up for an upcoming feature it would be booking in different time zones - the way time driver shows the times available in the persons time zone but books it in at the right time your time zone - I have clients all over the world and this would be awesome! Big ask I know and certainly understand you are under the pump with the new release - but if you don't ask you don't get :-)

Thanks again for your commitment to ongoing excellence

18Shahram Boroumand  16/01/11 8:33:47 AM  Fix the current bugs before adding more stuff

I think adding new feature is not necessarily making a product better. Your site has lots of bugs that need to be corrected. Respond to your e-mails and add a strong support team.

19Brett Scott  15/01/11 2:49:05 PM  thanks!

Thanks Breanna Iwaszko

I just did not see that button before, appreciate your help.

Everything is running smooth now.

20Mark Demicoli  15/01/11 10:39:58 AM  RESPONSE TO COMMENTS

Thanks for all the comments (good and bad!), and also all the feedback through the Contact Us. We are working hard this weekend to iron out all the reported issues and will respond to everyone individually once we get our head above water! Please stay tuned.

21Teresa Sullens  15/01/11 9:36:03 AM  weekly schedule

hi! thanks for all the new improvements! i was wondering if there is a way to see more than a day at a time on my schedule? can i see my weekly or monthly schedule? this would be a great help to me if it's not already available. thank you so much :)

22Victoria Sansom  15/01/11 7:42:56 AM  Found the problem

If you are using the internet explorer beta program your client files will NOT OPEN NOR WILL THEY AUTO FILL WHEN YOU CLICK ON THEM .This took me two days to figure out .I finally downloaded a new browser and it now works .Hope this helps the next person to fix the problem.I am still disappointed that .I pay for this service but can NOT get a response directly to my questions .This is a ever man for yourself program

23Victoria Sansom  15/01/11 4:42:30 AM  Client files


24Victoria Sansom  15/01/11 1:38:47 AM  names

I am really upset ONE I try to add appointments and it won't ADD the names that are registered when I click on them so I can not SEND ALERTS UNLESS i MANUALLY PUT IN THE INFO IN .

TWO no one contacts me directly to solve a technical issue and I can not find someone to help me to fix the problem .I am really stressed about this I just started using this program 2 or 3 days before the update and now this .HELP HELP I really like this but it needs to function fully

25Breanna Iwaszko  14/01/11 9:16:13 PM  Repeat button

The repeat button is still there, you just need to click the little arrow next to "more options" - all the changing of appointment options, including repeat appointments, is right in that section.

26Brett Scott  14/01/11 7:42:44 PM  Untitled

The "Repeat" button and duration are no longer on the booking screen, I cannot find it, although your reply to CS says it is there. please help me find it, it is not in the custom booking either

CS there is a way to enter recurring appointments right on the booking screen...completely customizable for time/date....It is called "Repeat" and its right below the "Duration" heading above where you enter the client name...

27Terry Frick  14/01/11 10:59:55 AM  custom booking

When I go in and do a custom booking it puts in the wrong times for example: I put in a haircut it is schedule for 25 mins. it puts it in for an hr. All the changes have been great.

28Susan Brown  14/01/11 6:09:59 AM  Thank You for the new changes for 2011!!

29Daniela Hofmann  14/01/11 5:24:38 AM  Untitled

Nevermind...figured it out. I was clicking on the filing cabinet. You need to click on the clients name instead.

Sorry! Now I LOVE the new changes...much better. FYI - I do have clickbook linked to my outlook calendar. I can check it on my blackberry anytime. Very convenient!

30Daniela Hofmann  14/01/11 5:13:57 AM  I’m with Victoria....

I am now trying to book an appointment with a client who is in the database. However, the fields do not fill up automatically and if I try to re-enter her info - it won't let me as it already has that email on file. If I click on the clients file - their file comes up, but it doesn't enter their name. I can't book anyone!!!!????....Unless they are new I guess? Is there a problem, or am I not seeing something. HELP...please!

31Victoria Sansom Victoria Sansom  14/01/11 4:54:00 AM  URRRR

I can not seem to save an appointment in this new formate,that was suppose to take place tomarrow .I put the name in it shows in the full name search bar but then nothing happens when I try to save the booking .I think it should be filling the name ,# email in to the feilds when i click on the name that comes up but nothing happens this is bad .WHAT AM I NOT DOING !!!!

32Rachel Sheard  14/01/11 1:48:11 AM  Thanks for the updates!

Just wanted to say thanks for all these updates! Clickbook provides an amazing service at amazing deals. I have considered, and even temporarily signed up for, other scheduling providers, but all their bells and whistles made my head spin! I like that Clickbook just WORKS, without feeling like I need a degree from Clickbook Academy to use it!! :)

33Brett Scott  14/01/11 1:00:06 AM  found it

I found the cancel appointment, by clicking on the confirmed button

34Brett Scott  14/01/11 12:56:13 AM  cancel appointment

After the latest update I can not find how to cancel appointments, am I missing something

35Tracy Clarke Assoc MAPS  13/01/11 6:51:06 PM  custom fields

i require custom fields on my registration booking fields. I need the custom field - Licence Number added. the ability to add custom fields would be fantastic

36Breanna Iwaszko  13/01/11 2:07:37 PM  App on smart phone

I have recently upgraded my phone to an iphone 4 and it works perfectly with clickbook. I have subscribed to my clickbook calendar (and that of my staff) on my iphone and it updates automatically.

Also, I can view and use the clickbook website using the safari web browser directly from my iphone, so I can easily book an appointment for a client when I am out and away from my computer.

Incidentally, I was never able to do either of these things with my previous phone (a blackberry), but now that I have the iphone it works perfectly. I no longer need to enter appointments twice (once in outlook and once in clickbook) as I view the clickbook calenders directly on my computer and my iphone.

37Paul Chubbuck  13/01/11 12:26:35 PM  Crucial feature removed!

In your update today, you removed a crucial feature I use frequently, namely, the ability to adjust the time of an appointment AFTER clicking on one of the standard booking times. I can find no place to do this now!

38Ganna Dennis  13/01/11 12:19:05 PM  Untitled

I very much enjoy you service but 2 things are needed by me. A notice on the page that I have received a new booking... and a way to EXPORT client lists to excel or other formats. I send newsletters and monthly specials and have to export new client adresses by hand. And sometimes don't get to them all. If there is a way to do this please let me know. Thanks.

39Nanette Floyd Patterson  13/01/11 10:01:43 AM  Reminder Email from Me instead of

It would very nice if individuals received a reminder from the provider instead of You know from: The Seed Planter Coaching and Counseling instead Clickbook. This helps us with branding. Thanks for the changes though.

40Virtuous Hands  13/01/11 8:05:31 AM  Untitled

It would be nice to have a calendar that reminds you about birthdays. I like to a send Birthday cards to my client, and it would be great if clickbook had a seperate calendar that sends or show a list of upcomng birthdays. Also I agree with having an app to use with smart phones as far as booking or canceling appointments. If i may make a sugestion sending thank you notes for previous appointments would be cool. Thanks clickbook over all i enjoy using your service.

41Victoria Sansom Victoria Sansom  13/01/11 7:48:04 AM  Importing Cell Phone numbers

I would also like to be able to import phone numbers along with clients name and email.

42Renae Quigley  13/01/11 6:47:04 AM  Outlook intergration

It would be wonderful if there was a way to intergrate or import the Clickbook appointments into Outlook; this would prevent all the double entering of information.

Just saying.

43Victoria Sansom Victoria Sansom  13/01/11 6:32:58 AM  Syncing

My biggest question is this I want to be able to veiw and add to my schedule easily on my moblie(iphone) .I would love to see some kind of an app. that either syncs you with ur yahoo or gooble calander ,Thus allowing quick on the go adds then be able to boot up and wala your books are correct.I thinkk it would be easier to create an app. that allows us to view and edit appointments on our phones .

That is so really the only complaite that I have .Although i have subscribed my calendar to my yahoo calendar I have to manually update it and it does not put my merge my yahoo calenday with clickbook so I have to have two calendars up .I can veiw my appointments on my yaoo calendar on my iphone Also but if they have not been manually update to yahoo from clickbook it laeves room for conflicting schedules.

44Matthew Shane St Germain Donnelly RN LMT  13/01/11 4:29:37 AM  Ideas...listed here...


1. CS there is a way to enter recurring appointments right on the booking screen...completely customizable for time/date....It is called "Repeat" and its right below the "Duration" heading above where you enter the client name...

2. Diane, I believe your clients get one email for the mass booking and then the reminders, a second email if you use the Paypal option....

3. Rosanna, the billing function is done thru Paypal and shows up on the confirmations section of the appointment in the main schedule screen where the paid icon would be-shows 2 hands shaking and "payment received" listed with it.

4. As far as sorting staff- That's done in the "Staff" heading...Select the staff member...If you scroll down under each employee's name, there's a sort order you can set to have them listed 1,2,3,4,5 you decide where they go...I think it defaults to alphabetical if you leave that blank...but I haven't done that so I'm not absolutely sure....

5. Stacy, I'm not sure what merge you're looking for...can you be more specific about the files you're talking about?


45Matthew Shane St Germain Donnelly RN LMT  13/01/11 4:10:20 AM  Ideas...listed here...

46Stacey T  13/01/11 2:28:23 AM  Sounds Great

I hope that maybe this will include merging client files. . . I do it manually by moving each appt on one file to the named other file. Thanks for continually improving the system.

47Administrator Account  13/01/11 1:32:49 AM  Alphabetizing/Sorting Staff

Is it possible to add sorting features such as AtoZ, ZtoA, by department ect.?

48Rosanna McNaueal  13/01/11 1:22:18 AM  Billing


I can hardly wait to have a billing feature attached to clickbooks. Right now we use the icons to indicate if a client is paid or not...but I would love to be able to do a mass billing for the next months appointments directly from Clickbook.

any thoughts on this?

49Diane Nouchi  13/01/11 1:08:09 AM  multiple bookings

These new feattures are great, but what about multiple bookings ?

my clients are fed up to receive X differents email for x treatments -

Is it a new feature that yo uare planning to ad in your roadmap ? if so, for when ?



50CS  13/01/11 12:09:54 AM  Updates

What about the ability to add recurring appointments? This would be super helpful; I haven't been able to locate an easy way to do this on ClickBook without entering each one manually ... and that's tedious when you have a client who comes every Wednesday at 2 for 10 weeks straight. Any idea when this feature will be added?