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Pricing & Feature changes

Mark Demicoli  15 August 2010 01:29:28 PM
Unfortunately, we are no longer able to support and grow ClickBook on the current pricing model.  Our new pricing model is designed to take ClickBook to the next stage, as we begin to implement our grand plans.

New Pricing effective September 1st

ClickBook's new ClickBiz products come into effect on September 1st.  The new products are based on a monthly subscription and include PayPal online payment integration for client pre-payment.  We will be blogging about how to use the payment features separately, so please stay tuned.  SMS pricing has not changed, however the new ClickBiz  products *include* SMS messaging.  This means that on any of the ClickBiz subscriptions, you do not have to purchase SMS credits separately.  Separate SMS credit purchases still apply to ClickBook FREE.

ClickBook FREE

ClickBook FREE will essentially be limited to one staff member and one location.  Some other limitations also apply.  Please visit here for details.

Existing SMS Credits

Accounts with more than 25 SMS Credits can convert these credits into equivalent days of subscription on any ClickBiz product.  Please visit the Account tab for details and instructions.

Donation Credits

Those (wonderful) people who donated to ClickBook over the last month have been credited with SMS Credits equivalent to their donation.  As above, these go toward your chosen ClickBiz subscription.  We thank those who donated for seeing us through a really tough time!

** Special Offer **

Until September 1st, we are offering a special 25% DISCOUNT to accounts that upgrade to any ClickBiz 6 month subscription.  This offer is valid for 2 installements, each worth 6 months.  That is, a total of 12 months subscription at a 25% discount.