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Pricing & Feature changes

Mark Demicoli  15 August 2010 01:29:28 PM
Unfortunately, we are no longer able to support and grow ClickBook on the current pricing model.  Our new pricing model is designed to take ClickBook to the next stage, as we begin to implement our grand plans.

New Pricing effective September 1st

ClickBook's new ClickBiz products come into effect on September 1st.  The new products are based on a monthly subscription and include PayPal online payment integration for client pre-payment.  We will be blogging about how to use the payment features separately, so please stay tuned.  SMS pricing has not changed, however the new ClickBiz  products *include* SMS messaging.  This means that on any of the ClickBiz subscriptions, you do not have to purchase SMS credits separately.  Separate SMS credit purchases still apply to ClickBook FREE.

ClickBook FREE

ClickBook FREE will essentially be limited to one staff member and one location.  Some other limitations also apply.  Please visit here for details.

Existing SMS Credits

Accounts with more than 25 SMS Credits can convert these credits into equivalent days of subscription on any ClickBiz product.  Please visit the Account tab for details and instructions.

Donation Credits

Those (wonderful) people who donated to ClickBook over the last month have been credited with SMS Credits equivalent to their donation.  As above, these go toward your chosen ClickBiz subscription.  We thank those who donated for seeing us through a really tough time!

** Special Offer **

Until September 1st, we are offering a special 25% DISCOUNT to accounts that upgrade to any ClickBiz 6 month subscription.  This offer is valid for 2 installements, each worth 6 months.  That is, a total of 12 months subscription at a 25% discount.


1Datamaiden  09/08/11 7:38:49 PM  Communication of the Change and Implementation

I understand that you need to make changes to ensure income.

I have been pleased with your service.

1) The first clue I had to ay change was when I added a staffer and found my account "downgraded".

2) According to the information posted on my account with this "downgrade" the new structure goes into effect September 1 and it is now August 8. According to your time table, I should still be on the old plan until September 1.

Perhaps I will like the new plan better - not sure, but the way you did this was less than desirable.

2Margaret Gill  13/09/10 9:57:30 PM  Thnaks for the help

Hi Mark

Thanks for the help and showing me the error of my ways - hopefully I've fixed it now - many thanks

3Margaret Gill  13/09/10 1:10:17 PM  I keep getting over subcribed messages

I keep getting oversubscribed messages that say I have too many locations but I only have one set up and I only do phone consults in my practice - I've obviously got something set up incorrectly - the only other thing I can thing that I've set up is the mandatory address details which are a post box and I can't fit too many people in there :-)

This is the second request for help on this topic - please let me know what I'm doing wrong as I don't want my clients knocked back when they are booking in - many thanks.

4Renae Grimes-Avery  01/09/10 11:16:17 AM  SMS credit conversion... automatically done??

I'm on board & upgraded from FREE to Cllickbiz5. Will you "automatically" credit me for my remaining unused SMS credits as that didn't reflect in my Paypal transaction.

Thank you & good luck with the new programs.

5Jennifer Harrington  30/08/10 2:26:07 PM  special offer

I have converted my SMS credit over to the new Clickbiz 5 and I was wondering if this automatically set me up for the current 25% off promotion for the next 12 months, or do I need to do anything else?

6Alenka Bravo  26/08/10 1:23:20 AM  How much is it?

I would like to take advantage of the special too!

How much is it going to be?

7Jennifer Harrington  23/08/10 10:25:45 AM  Special offer ending soon

I'm considering switching my account to Clickbiz. The special ends soon and I have no idea how much of an investment this change will be and how to sign up for the special rate?

8Justine Robinson  19/08/10 6:27:39 AM  So dissapointed :-(

I am so dissapointed that clickbook will no longer be a free service for more than one user.

Currently I only use it for one person to book appointments, but I was anticipating growth in the near future.

It's the way it goes though isn't it? We find something so good, then everyone else does too.. I was waiting for this day to come.

Thanks for keeping at least a small section free. I was planning on asking about creating a way for clients to pay through pay-pal or some such, in the near future. I guess I'll just have to reaquaint myself with the different systems for sale, and see what booking service will suit my needs best.

9Tami Backstrom  18/08/10 4:20:12 AM  clickbiz 5, 20, and so on...

Please explain the difference in 5 and 20?? I need a beakdown so I can better understand....lets just say I have speacial needs and require a lil bit extra explainin' I want to do this but not sure which one best suits my needs!!

10Trishy Raven  17/08/10 9:06:58 PM  costs

hello just wondering how much we will be charged? I can't see it mentioned anywhere.

11Renae Grimes-Avery  17/08/10 12:02:38 PM  FREE acct existing SMS paid credits... what happens?

I'm a bit confused as to what happens to my existing purchased SMS credits on Sept. 1st. Do I lose them all on 9/01/10 and have to buy more each month? And, I do wish you would reconsider the option for free accts to have the ability to download notes, even if it's offered as a time limited opportunity (like the appt history) - I'm a sole massage therapist and only book a limited number of appointments monthly. The ability to add my notes into ClickBook has been an asset but for a "tiny"/small biz like me, I guess I will have to explore other options for my session notes. Looking forward to your response :)

12Robin Shope  17/08/10 8:03:40 AM  Clickbiz

I am not sure what the paid ClickBiz will give me beyond what i already have with Clickbook. Is there a certain number of SMS messages with each different option? Is there a set amount of SMS messages? Please give some more detailed information so I can decide which option to choose.

13Scott Deslippe  17/08/10 3:03:43 AM  Untitled

I have 5 therapists, 1 administrative account (so my therapists can use 1 account to login and schedule), all at 1 location.

Does this mean I have to get the ClickBiz 20 account? What happens if I just get the ClickBiz 5?

14Cathy in Melton  16/08/10 3:23:57 PM  Clickbiz

When I clicked on the subscription button for clickbiz 5 and logged in to Paypal, a screen came up saying I was using echeque to make payment (funds would be taken from my linked bank account).

How do I subscribe using funds currently in my Paypal account?

15Cathy in Melton  16/08/10 3:22:12 PM  Clickbiz

Your blog states 'ClickBook FREE will essentially be limited to one staff member and one location'

Your Clickbiz products page states - 'The total number of staff & locations, in any combination = 2'

I have one staff (me) in two locations - can I continue to use the free service?

16Melanie Kennett Osteopath  16/08/10 11:48:28 AM  price increase

Dear Mark,

I have used one of your competitors systems and found yours to be more user friendly.

our patients are only ever complimentary about your system.

I hope that transition to a paid system works well for your business.

Not sure I would have much use for a prepayment facility though?

Keep us posted and good luck.


17Matthew Shane St Germain Donnelly RN LMT  16/08/10 2:52:56 AM  Brave New World...

Keep up the good works! I think the "user friendly" aspect of Clickbook and the personal attention from the Home Office makes this system really stand out from the others!

I'm looking forward to seeing where this all takes us...

18Mark Demicoli  16/08/10 1:27:28 AM  Responses

@1 Finella, you missed so many other good competitors! Actually there really are some other really good booking systems out there, a few in your list are exceptional. What we're looking for really is a long term relationship because we recognise the importance of dependability.

@2 Owen, I'm looking forward to proving that you are a wise man :)

@3 Tami, one of our goals is to create an environment that is helpful. At the moment, we are the only scheduling service to have a customer forum. This is just the beginning as we see a continuous *human* contact critical to um... any relationship? :)

19Tami Backstrom  15/08/10 10:58:33 PM  I am on Board!!!

Clickbook has been AMAZING. I am so looking forward to the NEW and improved options!! LOVE Clicbook!! Myself not being computer savy, I just might need a lil coaching!!

20Owen Greenfield  15/08/10 8:29:13 PM  Thank you.

Thanks for retaining the facility for small businesses and improving the pricing structure. Always looking to improve our service to our customers, we've looked at your competitors and are very happy to continue our custom with you. Keep up the good work to provide such an exceptional service to our business.