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    Alternatives to Google Calendar: 1: Zoho Calendar

    Mark Demicoli  25 February 2014 05:15:36 AM
    For several days now, ClickBook customers have reported that their ClickBook subscription in Google Calendar is either not updating or or only partially updating, which we have confirmed and are confident it has nothing to do with ClickBook, as other applications have no problem (eg Apple iCal, Outlook and Mozilla Sunbird).  This new issue and the age-old problem of not knowing exactly how quickly Google synchronises (it can take up to 24 hours) has encouraged us to seek an alternative that we can recommend and support via 2-way subscription.

    Image:Alternatives to Google Calendar: 1: Zoho Calendar

    Zoho Calendar is probably one of the best alternatives.  Do you have any views on Zoho and / or wish to be a 'test dummy' and give it a go?

    Synchronisation appears to be a key issue for customers.  We want to know how you are using ClickBook and Google Calendar currently.  It appears that there are many ways to synchronise with specific devices.  Some synchronise with ClickBook by going via Google Calendar.

    Did you know that you can subscribe directly to ClickBook with iPhone/Pad?

    Please comment below.