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    Alternatives to Google Calendar: 1: Zoho Calendar

    Mark Demicoli  25 February 2014 05:15:36 AM
    For several days now, ClickBook customers have reported that their ClickBook subscription in Google Calendar is either not updating or or only partially updating, which we have confirmed and are confident it has nothing to do with ClickBook, as other applications have no problem (eg Apple iCal, Outlook and Mozilla Sunbird).  This new issue and the age-old problem of not knowing exactly how quickly Google synchronises (it can take up to 24 hours) has encouraged us to seek an alternative that we can recommend and support via 2-way subscription.

    Image:Alternatives to Google Calendar: 1: Zoho Calendar

    Zoho Calendar is probably one of the best alternatives.  Do you have any views on Zoho and / or wish to be a 'test dummy' and give it a go?

    Synchronisation appears to be a key issue for customers.  We want to know how you are using ClickBook and Google Calendar currently.  It appears that there are many ways to synchronise with specific devices.  Some synchronise with ClickBook by going via Google Calendar.

    Did you know that you can subscribe directly to ClickBook with iPhone/Pad?

    Please comment below.

    1Research Papers Help  20/02/16 6:00:31 PM  Thanks for the quick response

    I'm a ClickBook customer and that time, I was facing the same problem of partial updating. I was happy that you responded in time and assured us that the problem was not on your side. Thanks a lot.

    2Nailway Station  30/12/14 5:54:59 PM  Google / ical sync

    I can't even get an answer to a simple question regarding the correct information to use when syncing basic calendars so I'm just hoping somebody here can help me. The "secret key" is not accepted in either Google or iCal, so where's the real info I need to get this set up? Does anybody know? Does anybody at ClickBook ever read the "support" emails? Does anybody at ClickBook read this feed?

    3Stacey Takaoka  27/06/14 1:38:35 AM  It’s hard to believe and I do hope things are fully functioning soon

    yes I am having same issues with syncing of calendar and no reminders or my upcoming appointments. It is really effecting business for sure and been having to go to each day to check what is happening and manually put in my calendar.

    I am sad to hear about Mark and as for the business side of things. . . . hope this gets repaired soon as for reasons we have it. :D

    4Julia Widdop  25/06/14 11:57:15 PM  Mark’s Passing & Customer Service

    Now I understand why customer service has not been responsive as it used to be. We will all miss Mark. Can anyone help me with an issue I have been having with the display? When I first sign on everything looks normal for about 2 seconds, then the entire screen is taken up by the schedule and the items on the right side of the screen. The custom booking and all the options on the left side disappear and I can't access them at all. Anyone who knows what the problem is I would appreciate the help. I will try to find the Facebook page and ask there as well.

    5Janet Taylor  25/06/14 4:44:05 PM  Clickbook Not syncing to Iphone

    Hi All

    Over the past week my iphone calender stopped updating from my Clickbook subscribers as it has done for nearly 5 yrs

    This means i cannot see my clickbook appointments any longer

    Has anyone else experienced this

    After the sad news of dear Marks passing (RIP) & then the reinstatement of clickbook I was so happy things appeared to have been resolved - however this is a critical feature as i work remotely & use my iphone as my main 'PC'

    I have sent a "help' request via website and do hope this will be resolved quickly


    6Tammy Becker  24/06/14 1:55:28 PM  Can Someone PLEASE inform us on the STATUS of Clickbook?!

    I'm holding on to a sheer strand of hope that this program/website will be back to working properly soon, however, I can't hold out much longer. I am experiencing the same issues everyone else is experiencing; no reminder emails/text messages being sent or received by me or my clients (yet my SMS balance is rapidly depleting) issues with my availability dates & times not corresponding correctly, monthly subscriptions still being withdrawn, but not receiving the full spectrum of services I am paying for, limited communication from the person(s) in charge, etc.



    7Owen Greenfield  18/06/14 9:35:00 AM  Thank you.

    I have had to see the notice for Mark's funeral on 'Last Post' for myself. I had read of his passing on this site but could not believe it was more than judt rumour.

    We have used Clickbook for 5 years and were impressed by the transformation it brought to our business. Our success is due to Mark's software creativity, innovation and support and we will miss him greatly. Please accept our condolences and appreciate the high respect we hold for this man. Thank you.

    Owen and Debra Greenfield.


    8Mike  15/06/14 6:55:59 AM  Miss you

    We miss you Mark!

    9Tanasha Friar  14/06/14 4:29:42 AM  RIP

    If Mark has truly passed away, my condolences to his family & friends. I appreciate his personal comments & constant improvements of

    I am glad it is back up.

    10Sheila Owen  13/06/14 6:42:28 PM  Untitled

    Hi All, the Facebook page displays the following:

    Mark actually passed away many days before the tragic event was discovered. While this is crushing for his aggrieved family and friends, it also caused the disruption of the service because his actual passing came before some regular back-end processes at, which Mark world have normally run as 'business as usual' - the fact that these processes were not run, however, resulted in the servers (primary & backup) to be shut down by the hosting companies.

    The 'good news' is that we are informed that works are already underway to bring the relevant servers back up, resume the service asap, and to amend the relevant processes with a view to help to keep things running.

    Will post again as soon as we have something else meaningful to add.

    P.S. Lovely to see the encouraging & supportive posts from everyone - a great help in a time of great grief & concern

    11Liz Majeski  13/06/14 4:02:35 PM  I paid for more text but haven’t been no reminders go out

    Ok I've been a subscriber since 2011 and no major issues ever. My concern is how things in the system aren't running smoothly. No one has addressed the site being down over they weekend nor if Mark D has truly passed! All this concerns me. I paid 6/6/14 via paypal $19.95 for 100 text... And no longer have the 100 credits after the site came back up! No text have gone out. So how can I use up 100 text in 4 days??? My emails have been returned ( something about the person not logging onto it for some time?!?!) I've had to move my online booking ( my business must go on) I haven't canceled this subscription because I'm Hoping things will go back to "normal".

    I really wish someone from Clickbook would make a statement here or on a social media site. Something So I know who to clear up the text/email reminders and credit issue with. I'm not dumping more money into this until I get answers!

    Everyone should back up your clients and your appointments to computer... And also try and link to another calendar like Outlook , Yahoo, iCloud or your mobile phone... So your not left holding the bag...and can continue to provide good customer service to your clients!

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE...namaste

    12Sara B  13/06/14 12:41:47 PM  Mark

    I saw a note on another website that Mark had passed away. My condolences to his family.


    13Sara B  13/06/14 12:28:20 PM  No Clickbook for some days

    I am not sure what happened to Clickbook for 3 days when it was out but I find it quite disturbing that this matter has not been addressed. Should I be worried?

    14Sharon Hataway  13/06/14 12:05:51 PM  Mark

    Clickbook is back, up and running. But please, please, please clear up these rumours about Mark having passed away.

    I am so saddened by this. I hope its not true.

    Clickbook has been amazing for growing my business these past several years, it must continue to grow and live on. I wait for an update. Sending love xx

    15Julia Widdop  13/06/14 8:54:47 AM  I Googled What Happened to and found a forum that said...

    that the owner had died. Is that true?

    16Dave Sidley  13/06/14 3:32:45 AM  Not receiving email or text notifications

    I haven received any texts for booking confirmation required/booking reminders or cancellations since June 6th

    I did however get such messages via email along with future booking schedule.

    Then clickbook site disappeared on the 9th June till 11th June.

    Its back now but I'm not receiving any notifications via email either now :(

    Also the text messages I purchased are being used up even though they are not being received.

    I've been using clickbook for about 2 yrs now and its been great. I do understand that things go wrong but there's been no news items or communication from clickbook as to whats happened and when its likely to be resolved or advice as what to do eg .run maintenance program ?

    It would be good to know whats going on ;)

    17Tanasha Friar  12/06/14 5:30:34 AM  Clickbook Vanished for several days!!!

    I agree with Ganna Dennis. I have had a MAJOR problem not being able to access Clickbook. I have used this as my sole source, so I had to go sit there waiting for clients to come in. I also began looking at other software options. I tried emailing, Linkedin, Facebook, and constantly Googling to find out something. What in the world happened? Everything vanished, even the Mobile App.

    18Ganna Dennis  12/06/14 4:32:05 AM  clickbook offline for 3 days

    I have had a terrible weekend with no clickbook! I could not access it from both my computer and my clients could not access it either. What happened???

    19Melody Allen  12/06/14 4:24:27 AM  month view

    How do I print or email a daily or weekly calendar view to myself?

    20Tamara Oakley  12/06/14 4:14:41 AM  Syncing clickbooks with Icalendar

    how do I sync to I calendar?

    21Ed Waldrop  27/05/14 6:24:48 AM  Google/Zoho calendar

    I still can not get Google to sync with ClickBook. Tried to use Zoho but only some appointments come over not all of the ones in my schedule. Still needing a fix so it looks like there is still something maybe on both sides. I could use either calendar but neither seem to work currently.

    22Mark Demicoli  02/03/14 8:54:40 PM  UPDATE: GOOGLE STATUS

    According to Google this problem has been resolved and we are no longer receiving new reports regarding this.

    Is anyone still having issues?

    23Jonathan Sherman  01/03/14 4:18:32 PM  Google Cal Sync probs

    I'm definitely sticking with Google Calendar which I've used for everything for years and have many shared calendars with family members, colleagues, etc. Google Calendar is the standard, so if ClickBook can't sync with it for whatever reason it is a SERIOUS issue and consideration for me (and others I'm assuming, too). I love ClickBook but would move from ClickBook before I moved from Google Cal. So I sure hope this gets resolved ASAP. Thanks.

    24Julia Widdop  27/02/14 3:35:08 AM  I hate to move away from Google calendar

    I hate to move away from Google calendar because I use their widgets on my website and I would have to change several things if I have to change the claendar.

    25Jay Blevins  27/02/14 3:08:15 AM  Google Calendar Synchronization

    I use Google calendar for all of my personal appointments plus I integrate calendars from other people. It is the calendar that contains information from ALL of my scheduling sources.

    Over the past week, appointments from clickbooks have stopped showing up on my Google calendar. My google appointments appear in clickbooks but not the other way around.