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Taking Care of "Busyness"

Mark Demicoli  26 June 2013 05:58:17 PM
It's often difficult to guess how busy a staff member is just by looking at how many appointments they have in a day.  While bringing up the Appointment Sheet can give a good visual indication, we decided to add a feature that allows you to see how busy everyone is with just a glance.

As Matt from Heart In Hand Massage suggested, it would be wonderful to quickly see who's working on a particular day, especially when you need to book two therapists for a single service.

The new feature not only shows you who is working on a particular day, it shows how busy they are in percentage terms. ClickBook does this by calculating the combination of their Normal Availability and any Available TimeBlocks, then subtracting any bookings and Not-Available TimeBlocks, to give a true indication of 'busy-ness' or availability.

If a Staff Member is not available (ie not 'in the office at all'), "N/A" is displayed.

What do you think?