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Calendar Subscription now available for Google Calendar

Mark Demicoli  28 September 2009 09:53:09 AM
ClickBook now supports Google Calendar for calendar subscription.

Google Calendar does not support password authentication for calendar subscriptions, which is why we have thus far held off on this feature, given the inherent risks.

To overcome the problem, the address given to you holds a special key which must not ever be shared, except with the Google Calendar interface as follows:

1.  From your Preferences tab in the Subscription section, select the address located in the Google Calendar section and copy.

Image:Calendar Subscription now available for Google Calendar

2.  Open your Google Calendar window and select Add by URL after selecting "Add" from the Other calendars section.

Image:Calendar Subscription now available for Google Calendar

3.  In the URL box (stands for Universal Resource Locator), paste your copied URL, then click Add Calendar.  DO NOT select "Make the calendar publicly available".

Image:Calendar Subscription now available for Google Calendar

4.  Refresh your screen, and you should see your ClickBook calendar appear in Google Calendar.

 This new method allows you to add multiple ClickBook calendars to your Google Calendar, and other programs including Microsoft Outlook.  For example, if you have multiple staff, you can access each staff member's profile from the Staff tab and copy their URL, then add each one to Google Calendar using the procedure outlined above!  For Outlook users, a special link is provided in the same section called "Subscribe with Microsoft Outlook 2007 (no password protection)".