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Calendar Subscription now available for Google Calendar

Mark Demicoli  28 September 2009 09:53:09 AM
ClickBook now supports Google Calendar for calendar subscription.

Google Calendar does not support password authentication for calendar subscriptions, which is why we have thus far held off on this feature, given the inherent risks.

To overcome the problem, the address given to you holds a special key which must not ever be shared, except with the Google Calendar interface as follows:

1.  From your Preferences tab in the Subscription section, select the address located in the Google Calendar section and copy.

Image:Calendar Subscription now available for Google Calendar

2.  Open your Google Calendar window and select Add by URL after selecting "Add" from the Other calendars section.

Image:Calendar Subscription now available for Google Calendar

3.  In the URL box (stands for Universal Resource Locator), paste your copied URL, then click Add Calendar.  DO NOT select "Make the calendar publicly available".

Image:Calendar Subscription now available for Google Calendar

4.  Refresh your screen, and you should see your ClickBook calendar appear in Google Calendar.

 This new method allows you to add multiple ClickBook calendars to your Google Calendar, and other programs including Microsoft Outlook.  For example, if you have multiple staff, you can access each staff member's profile from the Staff tab and copy their URL, then add each one to Google Calendar using the procedure outlined above!  For Outlook users, a special link is provided in the same section called "Subscribe with Microsoft Outlook 2007 (no password protection)".

1Cathy In Melton  26/05/11 4:17:53 PM  Google Calander Subscription

Hi there

I've been using the Google Calendar Subscription for ages but over the last fee weeks, its showing both cancelled and active appointments.

Tried cancelling my subscription and setting up a new one but its still showing both types of appointments.

Obviously this can get a bit confusing at times, so it would be great to get this fixed.


2Heather Kroger  11/03/11 11:17:08 AM  2 way sync is great idea!!

I agree with everyone....

ClickBook is awesome for what it offers!!

It would be super fantastic if it could do 2 way sync with google calendar. I've been using the google calendar syncing with my iphone to create over-the-air-in-real-time scheduling and am feeling a little blue about losing that efficiency now that I've begun online scheduling. I see that in 2009 there had been talk about creating this feature and here it is 2011 and it isn't available... sad.

Hopefully, real soon this can be addressed and a way for clients to book more than one service at a time in an online booking session too!

Otherwise, I'm loving ClickBook! Thank you!

3Wendy Molinaroli  08/03/11 4:39:51 AM  2 way sync with google calendar

Does this do a two way sync with google calendar? I would love to be able to see what personal appts I have so I don't book over them.

4Anthony Rhuggenaath  05/03/11 1:04:55 PM  Google Sync

Hi Guys - I'm bothering you with this sync thing again.

I do have subscriptions to other services linked to my google calendar, and these seem to be syncing well and immediate (like the Atlanta Braves schedule, Christian Holidays, and for tasks I use

Can anyone explain the difference between how these services operate vs. ClickBook?


5Rachel Ah Kit  25/01/11 1:56:28 PM  Google calendar on Android

#20 Justine - I'm having the same problem on my GalaxyS

6Justine Robinson  28/12/10 2:44:28 PM  Google Calender (on droid x) not showing all appts.

I have been using the google calender (against my strong will and love for outlook) for a while now and have noticed a few things.

1, the calender takes a bit to update from clickbook to google calender (a stated issue I was willing to deal with)

and 2, I have a droid x that synchs the internal calender with google calender, and just recently (today.) I noticed that my very busy week next week shows NOTHING in my calender.

Now, I know this is not the case, as I have not recieved any cancelation requests, and all appts are visiable in my clickbook calender, AND on google calender online.

I've just deleted my subscription, and re installed it, as that has helped the issue previously, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, and what has resolved it?

7Cathy In Melton  22/11/10 5:54:21 PM  Untitled

It seems my subscription with google hasn't updated in about a week....... that's pretty slow - can anything be done to speed things up?

8Neil Ingram  13/11/10 9:41:31 AM  Untitled


Normally you should only have to generate a google address once.

Mark has stated in the past that at the moment the google calender update rate is slow and not reliable for quick updates.

Hope this helps


9Jackie Erasmus  10/11/10 8:19:02 PM  updating calendar to google calendar

if I updated my calendar on clickbook and want to re-apply it into google calendar, do I have to dopy and paste the new address again? in other words, i did the whole copy and paste thing into google calendar, but now another client made a booking and I need to update it in my google calendar from clickbook, do I generate a new address and do the 'add url' thing again?

10Giuseppe Totino  23/11/09 10:56:04 PM  TWO-WAY Sync etc.

Two-way sync with Google cal would be the no. 1 change that would make this product a great star!

Also, why are you limiting the appointment log to three months? why not having it unlimited, or 12 months at least? It does help the accounting dep to have a record of all the appointments.

Finally, when importing contacts from Google, why ClicBook does not get the info for tel, address etc., other than the email address?

Great product!

11Paul De Roo  05/11/09 4:27:38 PM  Mail Server Sync?

Hi, any chance this will ever sync directly with our mail server that google uses for their calendar. This will let us sync our pda directly with clickbook. Does anyone know of any other way to sync our Nokia E71 directly with clickbook?

12Mark Demicoli  08/10/09 10:53:23 AM  Subscription lag

Since introducing this feature we've had many complaints that it can take more than just hours but even days for Google Calendar to update with ClickBook appointments.

This is out of our control since it's Google that is initiating the transaction. Read this:

{ Link }

Obviously this is a potential show stopper. We're working on ways to get around this so that we have no reliance on Google to keep things updated.

Plus, stay tuned because we're working on TWO-WAY synchronisation also. This means that your personal appointments will be automatically created as Time Blocks in ClickBook. As I said, stay tuned :)

13Karey Kumli  02/10/09 3:57:54 PM  Reverse sync?

Followed your instructions and POUFF! There it is. Really fills a missing link, to see the graphically displayed calendar. Hoping I can add appts here and sync back to Clickbook? Thanks so much...

14Terri Bumpas  02/10/09 1:44:24 PM  Google Calendar

When adding the subscription to google calendar all of the appointments are brought into the BUT, new or changed appointments do not make it into the google calendar. Any help is appreciated.

15Mark Demicoli  01/10/09 8:18:35 PM  Missing appointments

@6: Lorin, This is now fixed. There was a little 'bug' (technical term for 'something doesn't work right), which was triggered by you having changed your email address. Not your fault obviously.

@10: Try again Shahram, you should be OK now.

16Shahram Boroumand  01/10/09 1:09:39 AM  not working

followed instruction, able to add calendar but noting happened. What next?

17Beauty Presence  30/09/09 9:44:01 AM  New Clendars

18Denize Lopes  30/09/09 4:13:22 AM  Untitled

19Jim Jindrick  29/09/09 12:06:33 PM  Well ... I think I got it cookin’ ...

I reset my "secret address" and entered the new on into Google Calendar ... now it seems to work. This is a great feature, assuming it works correctly!!

20Lorin Crowley  29/09/09 11:51:42 AM  Not Working

Not all my appointments are showing up. Some are... but my standing weekly appointments seem to be missing. Eeek!

21Jim Jindrick  29/09/09 3:21:20 AM  Great, if ...

Followed the directions, but appointments didn't show up on my Google calendar. I do see my calendar listed under "Other Calendars", so leads me to believe it's not an "operator error." Any ideas on how to fix?

22Becky Moser  29/09/09 2:24:18 AM  Calendars

Thanks ... next ... sync to my Iphone -- please!

23Alex Thio  29/09/09 1:22:17 AM  Unbelievably EASY!

One more thing: SYNCING to Google Calendar (following the instructions above) was SO easy and seamless. INCREDIBLE!

24Alex Thio  29/09/09 1:17:07 AM  Untitled

Ditto to Felicia's grateful comments! ClickBook is a phenomenal service - and with the ability to SYNC to Google Calendar, I'm falling in love all over again! THANK YOU, MARK DEMICOLI!

25Felicia Mason  28/09/09 11:55:46 PM  Google Calendar

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!! I love having clickbook sync with my Google Calendar. Clickbook, keeps getting better and better!!!!!! Thank you!